About Dollars & Sense Financial Empowerment

Branch Outreach Center seeks to empower the residents of our community by helping them make sound financial decisions. Wise judgments in our financial dealings are crucial to the progression of our personal lives and the family we are responsible for. We are aware that we live in a society where less and less emphasis is put on money management. Many adults are now realizing that they lacked the necessary training they needed in their adolescent years that would have proven beneficial in the way they handle their financial affairs today. Proper budgeting affects our quality of life. Positive budgeting can lead to wise investments, prosperous youth and freedom to seize opportunities while negative budgeting can lead to homelessness, stress, depression, divorce, youth delinquency and much more.

Branch Outreach Center is interested in helping you
  • Examine Your Current Financial State
  • Build a working household Budget
  • Eliminate Debt and Unnecessary Spending
  • Establish A Saving
  • Reduce Household Utility Expenses
  • Properly Balance Your Checking/Savings Account
  • Construct A Resume
  • Learn Proper Interview Techniques
  • Locate Assistance

In addition to the services offered we will frequently team up with other institutions to bring the community more information useful to their financial lives. These conferences and trainings will deal with Automobile and Home Purchasing, Banking, Life Insurance, Burial and Will Preparations, Investments and much more. Please continue to check back for more information in the future.